New Year, Same Me

Happy 2017 everyone!


If that is what is true in your heart, do you, baby.  But more often than not, what you might be meaning is this …

Yoda knows best.

As a member of the goal-setting community, a new year calls for new goals.  Or maybe not entirely new ones; just a continuation of previous goals that still remain relevant.

There are many reasons why I hold people in my inner circle so close to my heart.  Like, if you hurt any of them, I will come and find you no matter the distance and you will wish you’d never lived.  And they would do exactly the same for me.

That’s some dark stuff, but chances are, many of you also have that inherent protective instinct when it comes to the people you love most – probably with harsher punishments and torture methods.  Everyone’s a little bit insane.  Let’s just admit that and not be too harsh on each other.  God forbid when I become a mother.  Wow.  While I do not wish that my cubs will be shielded from pain and grief, because that’s when some of the most important lessons are learned – that it’s okay not to be okay all the time – I will finish whoever it was that caused them grief after they’ve learned their lesson.  Only half kidding…?

Anyway, goals and inner circle (remember that ADHD thing I was talking about last post?  Can’t stress how real of a thing that is).

I am so lucky to have people in my life who share the same passion as I do.  We are not your average 20-year-olds.  Fucking awesome-r.

An end of the year tradition that a couple of my jet-setting, goal-crushing, and intentional-living friends and I have started, is an annual time capsule (except last year…life got in the way).  In it, we store the goals that we have set to focus on for the coming year.  It’s what the real cool kids do nowadays.  Real things that actually matter and are important and relevant to us.  After all, why set goals if you don’t really care about them?  That’s why new year’s resolutions don’t work … because they end on January 2nd.

Saudi scroll holder from when I was working and living there.  Best investment!
From 2014 – I like to include a favourite quote of the year on the other side of my goals.  Love me some Brené Brown.
This year’s.  Not sure who came up with that but it’s been a brilliant mantra to handle all of  2016’s intensity.

As each year goes by, it always amazes us with how much we were able to accomplish off our lists from the previous year.  Like legit.

In 2014, one of my goals was to be better with my finances by managing my savings to grow ma moneys, and to start making some investments such as in property and mutual funds.  Whatever that all meant.  Let’s clarify –  I’ve always been bad at math (yes, despite my heritage), so like, money falls into that.  By the end of 2016 though, I stood there with increased contributions to my retirement fund, mutual funds, and two savings accounts.  It doesn’t mean I always understand what they’re all about, but hey, we can’t all be perfect.  I also moved apartments in KL last year so I could save a little more each month, ultimately adding on to a lot more savings in one year.  And oh yeah, my mom and I bought a house together.  Case and point.  Booyah.  Take that, financials!

We don’t always end up achieving 100% of the goals we’d set, and we aren’t meant to.  After all, if it’s 10 for 10, then you probably haven’t set them high enough.  Some goals end up taking on other forms or become irrelevant as we discover more about ourselves, and that’s okay.  In fact, more than okay.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  


For 2017, my big goals revolve around personal growth, love, peace, adventure, and being purposeful.

Bottomline, I’m excited to discover more of who I am in the coming year and who I am to become through action.  The reason why we are getting the promotions we’d set out to get and are able to buy the houses we’d wanted to buy is because we are purposeful in moving and creating action.  Sure, we pause and think and plan a fair bit as well.  But that becomes the backbone of our mission and sets the tone of intention behind our actions.  You can’t do without thinking, much like you can’t just think without doing.  A little closer every year, yet far from it all.

At the end of the day, we are all just striving to live fully.  Let our insides (our truths) match our outsides (our representative in the world).

I hope that you are all able and ready to show up in the new year.  Let the world see more of who you are, as you do the same.  But more so, become all that you are capable of being, so that you can experience all the love and joy that is out there waiting for you.

Life is not easy.  Growing up is hard.  A bitch it can certainly be sometimes.  But man, is it ever so beautiful.

2017 – let’s make some things happen.

What are some of your goals for the coming year?